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My beloved Sara-TRANSLATION

March 28, 2011 by Covadonga Cuesta Cifuentes   Comments (0)

1. I reread countless times the letter from my good old friend and I can´t believe my eyes.

2. She suggests me that  perhaps it is high time for us to follow our own way.

3. And what´s even worse, she says is becoming more difficult for us to go on with our friendship.

4. I don´t make either head or tail of her words.

5. I remember when we first met. Her lifelong boyfriend had already left her.

6. And soon after pleasant walks and lively talks we got on very well with each other.

7. My former girlfriend had left me too.

8. However, I thought our friendship wasn´t the result of loneliness, but of sheer joy for sharing our   lives.

9. And I thought about the saying: birds of a feather flock together.

10. How wrong I was. But I haven´t changed my mind yet.  Sara is simply marvellous.